Designer and developer of several websites which can be viewed here. Currently working independently on a dozen or so web based projects, many of have similar design/structure but target different audiences.


Designer and developer of several web based applications, all of which are application versions of websites. These web based applications are extremely flexible and can be used to create almost any application.


Designer and developer of several games which can be viewed here. All of the games are free to play and are avaiable on the app stores. They were built using an extremely powerful Java framework.

Quantum Physics

Graduated masters with the university medal in 2014. My focus was on developing hybrid quantum systems which could be used to help push quantum mechanics from the nanoscopic realm into the macroscopic.


Tutored university level mathematics for several years. Classes typically contained between 20-40 students. Also tutored face-to-face for several years with individual students or small groups.


I will routinely create tutorials on subjects ranging from programming to design to math and physics. They are likely to be related to problems I am currently working on, so programming is more likely.