After recently finishing my Masters of physics I have developed a strong interest in data science and web/application development. I've recently finished up with a position at one of the leading banks as an Insights analyst and have moved on to teach Mathematics and Physics at University. At the bank I set up many automated programs which removed alot of "Business as usual" tasks, providing automatic insights to my team as well as to the business. Some of these programs involved the compilation of data from several different sources, to architect single, more reliable sources to base our analytics off. As well as teaching I am also sharing my knowledge of data by consulting for smaller businesses/departments where we are working towards developing personalised platforms which provide data collection, storage, instantaneous analytics and automate "business as usual" processes.


In the past my research interests were in physics. In particular in the field of quantum mechanics. Here I studied how light interacts with matter on atmoic scales and how we can use those interactions to observe quantum mechanical effects and exploit these effects in practical systems. I completed two major research projects and contributed to several smaller projects. Both major projects have been published and can be viewed below.

Quantum Cat States

This project focused on creating states of matter which represent an object being located in two separate locations simultaneously. Currently these kinds of states have only been observed on nanoscopic scales, involving single atoms. The experiment we proposed was capable of creating superpositions of objects which contain hundreds of thousands of atoms where the two separate positions were hundreds of nanometers apart.

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Deterministic Creation of Macroscopic Cat States

Transmitting Quantum Information

This project focused on developing a system which was capable of sending quantum information over long distances with very high efficiency. Systems such as these have applications in essentailly every aspect of quantum science and are extremely sought after. By taking advantage of spherical symmetries we were able to transmit quantum information over large distances with relatively high efficiencies.

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Optical-Coupling of distant spins via collective enhancement in multi-mode whispering gallery resonators


If you would like a copy of my masters thesis which describes each of these projects in great detail please contact me here.


Over the past few years I have worked on a handful of smaller projects. More recent projects include modelling brownian motion of trapped nanoparticles, modelling the trapping potential in standard optical tweezing of nano particles with the inclusion of quantum mechanical effects. Modelling far off resonance trapping of nano particles with the inclusion of external electric and magnetic fields.


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I am currently working on a range different projects outside the scope of this page. These projects include: